Organizing a Karaoke Party

  1. First thing that you need to do before anything thing else, is work out how many people will be attending your party. Its an important piece of information, once you have this number you can work backwards and plan the best karaoke party ever.
  2. Next you need to find out if there will be any children at the party, this is important as the machine location, wired microphone consideration, playlist selection if it is it be for a children’s party. Children’s karaoke is available, also you may want to censor some of the rap videos or more risque tracks on the machine you hire, as generally these machines are prepared for adult parties.
  3. Once you have the total number including adults and children you need to decide what package you want to hire, is this a party for young teens who want a lot of power and disco lights, even strobe lighting or light machines. Or is this for a 70th birthday party where one single speaker would be more than enough power. We offer a lot of packages dependent on what your party requires. Have a think about your audience and what they would want. Note that more equipment requires more power leads and sockets, make sure you have enough wherever you decide to have the party.
  4. These are our recommendations for party packages and sizes, it is by no means a hard set rule, but just here as a gentle guide based of years worth of party deliveries.
  5. PARTY 30< A ”standard” karaoke jukebox is perfectly find for this size party.
  6. PARTY 30-50 We would recommend an extra speaker for this party, this can be positioned at the other end of the room and  offer a more equal spread of sound so  your guests dont get blasted with vocals.
  7. 50-70 For this size party we would recommend the ”Value” package it not only offers the extra speaker as above, but also a smoke machine and light bar experience to really light up the room and create a real party atmosphere.
  8. 100+ For very large parties I would recommend the ”concert package” this has two extra PA speakers to offer 3000 watts of power, you could also consider one or two light bars to really light up the room. This type of party would also cover a wedding or large christening.
  9. Outdoor or Barn parties – Order as many speakers as  you can for outdoor or barn parties. The audio often gets very diluted even with the most powerful speakers, that’s not to say it isn’t loud, even with one speaker you will be able to hear the music two streets away as music does travel with the wind. We would recommend at least one extra speaker for these types of parties.