What type of Karaoke machine do I need

If your new to karaoke and want to know the best way to order a karaoke machine package which is right for you and your party as well as avoiding common mistakes, then read on, hopefully we can steer you in the right direction and save you some heartache and cash too….

A variety of machines are available to buy or hire…
There are a variety of different machines on the market, ranging from the cheap to very expensive, you decision would be based on how often you would use it and how many people you will be hosting.

The Affordable
Its quite affordable to purchase a small machine online or at your local Kmart … These machines offer great value and very inexpensive and have a variety of tracks and songs preloaded. Some of these machines do over some sound reverb, which enhances and puts an echo on your voice to make it sound better, and also a few have audio import 3.5mm jack so you can plug in your iphone or mp3 player as well as AV out to your TV even.The downside to this type of machine is  your song choice is quite limited, some even still come on CD which is outdated, the power is very low and the microphones are very poor quality and are also wired. This type of machine is only really appropriate for young children’s parties for a small amount of guests (under 10). Still great value if you want instant portable party availability.

Entry level…
Moving up from an entry level machine, you can also purchase more fancy machines with colour TFT displays, which will show basic videos sometimes and song lyrics for you. These often use the industry standard DVD‘s so your song choice is much greater if you are prepared to buy the latest and greatest songs for your party. The cost of the units are more money, but the expandability of the song choice is a good reason to go along this route. These machines also offer slightly more power and the microphones are slightly better quality. A good choice for smaller teen or even adult parties with the right DVD choice. Don’t expect to blow anybody away with the volume though, 100 watts would be a typical power output for one of these machines, very modern devices also have bluetooth connectivity.

Home Karaoke….
Moving up the home karaoke jukebox machine chain even further, pay a bit more and you get to a system which is the cross between a regular home hi-fi with the addition of karaoke function. These machines offer even more power, better music quality and better microphones. They often include USB connectivity as well as Bluetooth. You can also plug these into your TV via RCA jacks or even sometimes hdmi. these also accept CD and DVD for their music source, as well as regular playback of music CDs and Mp3 files. Great solution if you want to entertain a small party of 10-20 guests with a selection of your favorite tracks and also party music for when your not singing.

Karaoke Enthusiast…
For the serious home karaoke enthusiast, there is a wide variety of amateur to semi-professional equipment available, ranging from $500-$5000 if you want to pay that much. Sky really is the limit on to how much you want to spend and how much if you will use it. If you have a family full of budding X-factor contestants, then perhaps a semi-pro home set up would be ideal for you. For most average users, that sing just for fun, this is out budget. You do get some very serious pieces of equipment for this however, including wireless microphones with receivers. Dedicated amp and mixer which processes, both sound and audio into one sound stream, then, coupled with this you would get a pair of passive speakers of decent quality, then also a small TFT monitor to display your lyrics. This package below also has a small laser light. Overall a very good solution offering great power, decent microphone and playback with a variety of karaoke DVD and CD options as well as a very good hi-fi option. Very good for parties of 20-30 people, you will have a great deal of fun with this type of kit, and you can always upgrade and enhance this type of equipment as and when is needed.

Professional Hire…

Note there are quite a few different types of ”professional” hire companies on the market.

Some companies simply hire you the equipment which they come and set up, it consists of a couple of PA speakers on stands, with cables running to a amp and mixer with a couple of microphones and then this is connected to a laptop, which you have to use a mouse to select your songs etc. Although this is functional, and can be used for karaoke, we do not consider this a user friendly setup, only one screen and its very small, plus you have to use a mouse to select your tracks, its not condusive to a happy karaoke evening. These systems are certainly loud, the PA speakers offer plenty of punch usually, but the set up is untidy, it looks unprofessional and screen too small for any real serious karaoke experience. Occasionally these type of setups are hosted (yes by a real person) as they can be quite complicated to operate,

This is probably the most common machine available in the Brisbane Karaoke Jukebox hire market today. These machines are approximately the size of a large washing machine, they typically have one large speaker and one build in screen usually 19-21 inches, sometimes just connected TV’s. Most of these displays are just screens and are not interactive, instead you are supplied with a selection of arcarde style buttons which you use to navigate you way through the playlists. Generally these machines are quite old and dated, this is obvious from the appearance, a lot of these machines were manufactured at the peak of the karaoke craze in the 90’s. Machines upgraded or manufactured in the last 10 years do have touchscreen capability, there is only one screen however and the software and interface is often still dated and not as easy to use as our machines. Again most of these machines use wired microphones which do perform very well, but you are restricted by the cables and in a party situation with alcohol and maybe children around we don’t recommend corded microphones. Some more modern machines have wireless mics and also small touchscreen, these are adequate machines for smaller parties but because of the size of the machines and the display, it can be hard to sing, read lyrics and select your next song at the same time.

Now, taking into consideration all of the above solutions, if you are truly after the best karaoke experience available to hire in 2018/19 then I would seriously consider looking at one of our 3-in-1, Jukebox, Karaoke and Video Jukeboxes.
All our machines are custom built in 2018 to strict specifications especially for the Brisbane karaoke market. The size of the karaoke tower is approximately same as a large American fridge. They have been designed to fit perfectly through a standard Australian door 2040 x 820mm.
The towers are packed with top professional features and equipment to ensure you are getting the very best experience possible for your party or function.
Starting with delivery and mobility, the machines are delivered on a trailer and can be installed through a regular door up or down a regular set of stairs with our stair walking trolley. The machines come with lockable castors to keep the machine sturdy once in place.
The machine tower itself only requires 1 x 10amp power outlet, the standard type found in every home in Australia. All the machines have built in surge protectors and are fully ground and wrapped in a decorated aluminium composite panel design.
All our machines feature built-in party lights, we have two types on all the machines, the first is a roof dome LED light, this light has a great throw of light, and will light up most rooms with a variety of colours and patterns. This light will change colour and motion in sync the music playing on the machine at the time. The other set of lights are LED strips which run down the front and also the base of the machine. These are set on a pulsing disco mode which will throw light into your room and bounce off the floor, to give your party a great ambiance. These can also be switched off if you prefer (often done while you are playing music setting up your party).

All our machines come with 4 x wireless UHF microphones, these microphones have a good range of 20 metres, so you can be sure that singing at the bar is definitely on the cards. These mics are powered by regular AA batteries, on machine installation the batteries are checked and fresh ones are installed in necessary. We also leave you with spare batteries should you run out. However the run time for each mic is approx 10 hours so you will probably run out of vocals before the mics give up on the night. The microphones can also be adjusted for level output, if you like your music really loud, you may want to turn up the microphone levels so your voice can be heard over the music, alternatively you may wish to turn down your vocals for your backing singers and keep your voice more prominent. The machines have allocated holders built into the front or sides to store the microphones when not in use.
All our machines feature a professional built in 1000WATT PA speaker, this is more than enough power for your average party at a function room or in your home. The volume can be set privately, so you can limit the amount of power you wish to give your guests, if you just want the machine to run at half the volume for your house party, then we can set this before the party starts and your guests will be unaware, as they can still use the touch interface to control the volume through the software (this is restricted by the hardware previously set however). Its a great feature if you dont want the party to get out of control. The PA speaker is expandable also. so if you have a large party we can daisy chain multiple speakers to increase volume, there are many different package available.
All our machines come with two screens, dependent on the machine you booked these are either both 23 inch or a monster 27 inch display. The whole idea of two displays for karaoke is that the top screen is specifically designs for music videos and lyrics only. The display is located high on the machine so that guests can sing their song whilst other guests are choosing their next choice. Its just high enough to be clearly seen and ensures maximum machine usesage throughout the night. The secondary screen is always touchscreen. The touchscreens have 10 points of contact so are super sensitive to give you the best feedback using the software. The software is intuitive and very easy to use, very much like a big ipad and the playlists are super easy to create and manage, see here for a more details. Please ensure, just like your phone that the screen is kept clean and free from party food and grease, as these monitors are sensitive and will not work correctly if marked with fairy floss all over it. Keep it clean and the machine will work perfectly all night long.
This year, most of the machines have been updated with Bluetooth technology, this means you can easily hook up your phone or ipod and play tracks straight from your private collection through our jukebox machine. There is also a 3.5mm Aux cord if you wish to physically connect your device.
Our machines also have the ability to hook up guitars, keyboard and a variety of musical instruments to the mixer via phono leads or XRL connection see here for more info.
The machine are all loaded with approx 100,000 songs, karaoke songs and videos, every month these are updated so you can be sure that all the chart hits will be on there along with tracks from the 50, 60’s, 70’s etc. straight through to 2018-19. You can download a excel document here with all the songs available, and if there is something specific which is not on our machines, drop us an email info@slamskaraoke.com.au and we will see if we can source it for your party.

To recap everything on this page, karaoke is a great feature for any party and it certainly is a great centre piece and talking point of any party. Depending on your budget and the number of party guests the option is completely yours, hopefully the information on this page will help you make the right choice for your party.
For  the complete package offering the latest technology, music, power, usability and performance, give Slams Karaoke a call to see if we have a package which is perfect for your pocket as well as your party info@slamskaraoke.com.au