A. Depends when your party is, please use our availability form to check.

A. We have a variety of packages available here from $180

A. Hire is for overnight usage, there are no half day bookings.

A. We deliver up to Northlakes, Ipswich, South Brisbane as well as the Nortnern Gold Coast.

A. Local Delivery to Mount Cotton, Redland Bay and  Victoria Point is Free of charge. Outside of this area, you can work out your delivery cost by typing in yoru address at checkout.

A. See below map for an approximate delivery price. If you live outside this area type in your address at checkout for an accurate delivery cost.

A. E.g. One example booking 50km away, involves 4 x trips. 1 for drop off 1 for return, then the same for collection and return, totaling 200km, the delivery charge rarely covers fuel costs.

A. Generally, deliveries are morning or just after lunch, you will be contacted nearer the event with written confirmation, this may change dependent on delivery schedules.

A. Generally the same time the next day.

A. No, unfortunately these machines have to be transported and setup by ourselves.

A. Yes we bring all the audio and power cables required.

A. After we have confirmed a machine is available, you can check out online and pay in full or pay just a small deposit to secure the date.

A. You can pay via the package on the website, over the telephone, online Bank Transfer or Paypal.

A. Yes you can pay in full using one of the methods above, there is no early payment discount sorry.

A. Yes, you can plug in your ipod, phone or alternative audio source via the 3.5mm audio jack. We also upgraded all our machines with Bluetooth connectivity.

A. There are literally tens of thousands of songs, covering all genres. A complete list is available here in excel format.

A. Our machines are not your regular classic arcade style, classic, push button variety. Ours are fully touch screen and are new machines.

A. Yes all our machines are updated regulary, and contain all the latest chart hits. The latest song lists can be downloaded here

A. Yes there is a section on the booking form which lets you enter specific song requests. All machines apart from basic, offer bluetooth so you can stream songs from  your phone to the machine wirelessly.

A. Yes, all machines have recently been updated with popular songs from these countries.

A. Yes our machines have been used for many weddings. You may however wish to hire additional PA speakers, to ensure the whole room can hear how good you sing. We have different packages available here.

A. The machine is more that loud enough for house parties, kids parties or patio parties. If your party is outdoors, in a large venue, or marquee, I would recommend hiring additional PA speakers. You can find packages here.