About Slam’s Karaoke Jukebox

Slam’s Karaoke is a family run business. We operate in the Redlands and started out two years ago 2016 after being frustrated at the lack of decent options for karaoke equipment for our regular family parties. As a group of family friends we all took turns and rented a lot of jukeboxes and karaoke systems throughout the Brisbane area, all of them were serviceable and we enjoyed them very much. But after the parties we kept wondering what was missing from the experience.
We set about designing our own machine which we would hope to put into production.
After 6 months of drawings and plans we came up with the 3-in1 tower design, we thought this all in one design was not only neat and tidy but included all the elements that we would need to have the best karaoke jukebox experience today with the technology that is available.
First and foremost was that the machine was to have 2 screens, one for the music videos and lyrics and the other for creating playlists. Secondly the screen had to be touchscreen. Today in the era of ipads and smart phones, most people are familiar with the the touchscreen experience, its quick, easy to use, intuitive and fast. Gone were the days of push button selection and modern technology now allows us this luxury. Our machines now range from 23inch up to 27 inch touchscreens. Very clear and easy to select songs, and all the tracks come with graphics and album cover artwork to make the whole thing much easier on the eye.
Next we wanted the luxury of 4 mics not just the standard 2, as after the part starts going, its hard to grab the mic of the people hogging it. Now having 4 mics makes it possible for boy band and girl bands! We also wanted them to be wireless. We were sick and tired of tripping over the cables in the middle of the party. All our mics have a good range of at least 20m so you can sing at the bar and do a tour of the party in the guise of Tom Jones.

Next we wanted a powerful system. Previous machines were loud but not clear, we wanted to invest in a good PA Speaker set up and Mixer so we could really fine tune the music and volume. All our machines now have a 1000 Watt speaker system, which is not only clear but expandable to other speakers. You can also plug in any instruments to the mixer, whether it be a guitar, electric guitar, keyboard, electric violin, our machines can connect the them all. We really offer a truly versatile machine.
To enhance the machines even further we wanted more options for connectivity. At the start we included a 3.5mm audio jack to plug into your mp3 player or phone. But recently realized that a lot of phones are now not coming with these audio ports, so it was inevitable that the machines now feature Bluetooth.  simply connect and your whole private music collection can be played through the machine wirelessly.
The final part of our plan was to try and include some party lights into the machine, not just a token, couple of coloured bulbs, but really bright lights on the front and roof which also danced around to the music. LED is the way to go and we even managed to wrap a few lights around the base at the same time. At night or in darkness when the party is in full swing, the lights come on and really light up the party, the end result is a machine which ticks all our boxes and fulfills every party of the brief we set ourselves.
Our machines go down very well at all parties, we have had nothing but great feedback.
Accommodating deliveries
We try to accommodate all locations for delivery. Within the Redlands where we are based all deliveries and pick ups are FREE, the further out we branch unfortunately we do have to charge a fee which quite honestly hardly cover fuel and Tolls in some instances.
For example a booking 25km away is actually a 100km round trip, 25km to drop off, and 25km to return to the Redlands, and then the next day same trip again, that’s 100km plus approx $20 in Tolls if the booking is over the gateway motorway. We do try and keep all the delivery costs to a minimum, but can guarantee, great customer service, fantastic communications and above all a state-of-the-art karaoke experience which is second to none in Australia!

We are in the fortunate position of being extremely busy for a relatively new business and we get a lot of repeat bookings from satisfied customers. We often however, find ourselves running short of machines to meet demand (although we have several towers already), so in 2019 we plan to double that number to accommodate all your requests. We would like to thank you for your business if you have used us before, we hope to see you again soon, and if you are thinking of booking a machine, so some research and read our reviews, I am sure you will be back to make a reservation soon ;).

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact Steve 0411 670 745 or info@slamskaraoke.com.au