Jukebox Tips

Servicing the popular suburbs of Brisbane from Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Hinterland, Ipswich and the Redlands our Karaoke jukebox hire machines are easy to use and have excellent sound quality and great interactive usability, our machines are definitely top end karaoke entertainment.

Every jukebox we hire has similar levels of equipment internally and exactly the same playlists on every machine, so consistency is the key for SLAM’S KARAOKE.

Although our standalone towers are a one piece jukebox, these are more than adequate for every house party, when you have larger amount of guests its wise to hire extra speakers to spread the volume over a larger area, rather than trying to compensate by just increasing the volume, this is not only better and easier on the speakers but gives a more balanced experience at the party throughout the room. Beware also of jukeboxes featuring external speakers whose operators don’t place equipment at head height using proper adjustable speaker stands. Speakers on the ground will never sound as good as speakers in the air at head height.

We believe it’s essential that head high speakers are used in order to best cover a crowded area with high quality sound. External speakers also can be flexibly positioned many metres apart, in the corners for example, allowing the sound to flow seamlessly across a room.

We like to advise that the PA speakers you listen to are of the fifteen inch variety and are professional quality, these offer good treble and base and offer great coverage right across a larger or more crowded area, smaller speakers tend to lose volume and clarity over larger areas especially outdoors.

We are experimenting with a remote control IR lock out feature, this piece of hardware gives you total control of the jukebox. All your annoying party guests are locked out and  are thus unable to delete songs or alter volumes, something that can be a real irritation at parties especially when you are waiting for your favorite song to come on.

Pricing: Hire costs range from $220 upwards, depending upon which package you choose. We offer FREE local delivery within the redlands. If you send us an enquiry via the “check avaialability” form on  this website, we’ll be happpy to confirm available dates for you and equipment that is available allowing you to make the most informed choice possible. By contacting us this way via the internet, we can espond to you with much more information alternatively we are happy for you to call where we can explain everything to you verbally..